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Case Study: Online Sales

An E-Commerce website was generating $40K/month in online sales.
The Goal:
Increase revenue 20% by the end of the year.
What they knew:
Some sales were generated via Facebook ads.
What they didn't know:
  • How many sales were coming from Facebook ads and what's the ROI?
  • What website improvements would increase conversions?
Funnl provided the actionable data and reports that enabled the re-prioritization of ad spending.
The Results:
The combination of improved ROI from advertising channels and higher conversions from the website meant they reached their revenue goals two months earlier than projected.

Additionally, the software provided valuable insight into what users were doing on the website, which turned into focused user experience improvements.
Questions Funnl Answered:
  1. Which customer began their interaction with a mobile visit?
  2. What's the average time from first visit to purchase?
  3. What % of orders had at least one interaction with the blog?
  4. What is the average number of touches before purchase?
  5. What % of orders had at least one mobile interaction?
  6. How many customer journeys started with a visit to the blog?


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