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We like using Funnl for analytics because it saves us time, and it has much better UX than Google Analytics. It allows us to get reporting for ROI on things like Facebook ads and content marketing faster than other solutions. Funnl also collects a huge amount of person-level data that answers a lot of questions we couldn't figure out with Google.

- Brad Williams, Co-Founder of Web Dev Studios


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Your analytics should simply recommend what to do based on the data.
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What is Funnl?

Funnl is the first artificial intelligence for analytics. What does that mean? It means for the first time your analytics can do the work for you. Simply ask questions in plain language and get immediate answers. Get realtime A/B testing that anyone can use.


Funnl also recommends what you should do automatically based on your data. It gives you actionable reports and insights you can't get anywhere else. It enables data-driven decision making, so you save time and money.


Find out the ROI of anything, like Facebook Ads or other campaigns. See what's working and not working without requiring any technical know-how. And it works quickly and easily on any device. It's that simple.


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